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Title: J.CO Donuts and Coffee

I had J.Co for the first time for lunch last week. If you were a Donut's lover... I have to recommend you the J.Co donuts. The taste is similar like the Big Apple donuts. Only the J.Co is wayyyy better and softer compared to Big Apple. Whatever it is... both J.Co and Big Apple are the most delicious and softest donuts in the world. I'm lovin it.

Title: Wake Up, Dude!

Title: Will you take my heart, please?

Title: Jump... jump

Title: Random Doodle

Title: So called... News

Well, yeah. A new layout finally! Crazily crunching the XML file from scratch. Giving me a big headache. I got served. Haha. But it's not that hard actually since I love programming like crazy (as if). Anyway, a big thanks to Blogger Cheat Sheet. Haha.


Here's what I planned to do next for my DD:
  • Frequently updating the entry (daily update)

  • Finishing ALL requests from friends to illustrate their picture (Sorry -_- )

  • Be more productive! (Please give me some love and support, please~ Haha)

Till then.
Have a nice day.


Title: Sahak

Drawn by my brother. You may find more of his artwork here: Deviantart and Blogspot.


Sahak again

Title: Announcement

7 days a week.
We'll be back... soon InsyaAllah.

Stay tune :)
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