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Title: 2011... uh huh

Well, 2011 is just around the corner. So many things need to be done. I remember to promise myself to draw every day. And yeah, starting from 2011... I'm going to put whatever I have in my drawing collection in the DD blog every day. I have to be very strict and discipline to myself in 2011. Pft... as if. Yeah, whatever. Please beat me up if I didn't keep my promise ok? LOL.

Title: I Heart Mushroom

Honestly, I don't know why people claimed that his hair looks like a mushroom. I think mushroom looks much more better. It tastes delicious too. But I don't like his hair too -_-" .

Well anyway, my lil sis had spanked me because she thought I made fun of 'him'. Hey, I did not! I think he is emm... ok kot. Well, I don't read much about him, I don't know him and I don't really bother about it. I only like the 'mandikan jenazah' part in the '2 Alam' trailer and also the song 'Andai Ku Tahu' by Ramli Sarip. Yes, I never watch this movie yet.

Whatever it is, you need to have thousands haters to be success, right. May Allah bless you always. Good luck :)

Title: Stuck in a Bad Traffic

Carry marker pens and sketch pad everywhere. Yes, it's my new hobby.

Title: Cool Bro

I wish I can meet him in person. LOL.
Yeah, he's one of my favorite collection.

Title: It's Freezing

Doodling on HP organizer. Christmas and new year is just around the corner. It's holiday, yeay!

Title: J.CO Donuts and Coffee

I had J.Co for the first time for lunch last week. If you were a Donut's lover... I have to recommend you the J.Co donuts. The taste is similar like the Big Apple donuts. Only the J.Co is wayyyy better and softer compared to Big Apple. Whatever it is... both J.Co and Big Apple are the most delicious and softest donuts in the world. I'm lovin it.

Title: Wake Up, Dude!

Title: Will you take my heart, please?

Title: Jump... jump

Title: Random Doodle

Title: So called... News

Well, yeah. A new layout finally! Crazily crunching the XML file from scratch. Giving me a big headache. I got served. Haha. But it's not that hard actually since I love programming like crazy (as if). Anyway, a big thanks to Blogger Cheat Sheet. Haha.


Here's what I planned to do next for my DD:
  • Frequently updating the entry (daily update)

  • Finishing ALL requests from friends to illustrate their picture (Sorry -_- )

  • Be more productive! (Please give me some love and support, please~ Haha)

Till then.
Have a nice day.


Title: Sahak

Drawn by my brother. You may find more of his artwork here: Deviantart and Blogspot.


Sahak again

Title: Announcement

7 days a week.
We'll be back... soon InsyaAllah.

Stay tune :)

Title: A Bad Dream

I always have a bad dream.

Title: Dudette - Little Kid

Title: The Ant and The Jug

Jug air yang tenang, jangan disangka tiada semut.

Title: Breadaholic

I'm a big fan of bread :p

Title: Katil 360 Darjah

Katil yang sesuai untuk mereka yang tidur 360 darjah.

Title: Sabar

Selagi termampu, bersabarlah.

Title: Selawat

Berselawatlah sentiasa.
Setiap masa.

Title: The Patience, I Lost It

Sorry, I lost it.

Title: We are Brothers and Sisters

Spread the love, brothers and sisters :)

Title: The Girl's Locker

We do have a lot of stuffs inside there.

Title: Bersederhanalah

Kurangkan daripada berlebih-lebihan.

Title: Me vs. Bidet

Sepanjang hidup di sini terpaksa berperang dengan bidet.

Title: Malu

Selitkan malu dalam semua perkara.

Title: Katakan Tidak Pada Hantu

Title: Bismillah....


Title: The Fighter

Fight... fight!
What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

Title: Senyum

1... 2... cili!

Title: Tangan Kanan, Jangan Lupa

Dahulukan dengan tangan kanan, ya adik-adik.

Title: Please Don't Sleep

Wake up, dude!

Title: Inside My Heart

It is rotten.

Title: Inside My Head

I can't think.
It's too crowded.

Title: Dear Book... Yes I Do

I love you so too much, dear Book.

Title: Books Invasion

Mayday, mayday!
The books have been invaded by bacterias!

Don't eat my books!

Title: I'm Drying

So tired.
I feel like drying.

I am so dry.

Title: A Box of Life

I live in a box and I like it.
It feels like the world revolves around me.

Title: Dudette - Gadis Kecil


Title: Dari Mata Turun ke Hati

Dari mata turun ke hati.

Title: Stretttttt....

Breath in.
Breath out.

Title: HELL:O

I am not an alien.
But this is how I say hello.

Title: Read Between The Lines

What is the word?

Title: Telemosi

Nama panjangnya, telefon emosi.
Nama pendeknya, Telemosi.

Mungkin lebih menarik jika boleh mendail emosi. Barulah terasa seperti emosi itu sesuatu yang boleh dikawal manusia dan boleh dikesan pergerakannya.

Rupa parasnya?
Ah, telefon model lama memang begini.

Title: Jiran Saya

Ini seorang jiran.
Tetapi bukan jiran saya.

Title: Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur

Jangan lupa.

19 Mac sehingga 28 Mac 2010.
Jam 10 pagi - 9 malam.

Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur di PWTC.
Bermula pada minggu ini.
Jumpa di sana, yo!

Title: The 3 Ninjas

Ini sebenarnya tiga orang Ninja yang pernah ikut aku masa program Baca@LRT bulan Febuari hari itu. Sempena pesta buku yang bakal tiba hujung minggu ini, rasanya memang satu keperluan untuk usung tiga orang Ninja ini lagi. Mereka penggila buku. Macam aku juga.

Yes... yes.
They are my imaginary friends.

Title: Milo Edisi Terhad

Minom Milo anda pasti sihat dan kuat.

Dulu ada Milo pakai straw edisi terhad. Straw itu ada lubang sana sini. Kalau tersalah teknik minumnya memang confirm air Milo itu terpercik sana sini. Memang habis tudung. Dah pernah kena dah. Straw itu memang terbaik. Feel sikit nak minum Milo. Tapi sebab ia terhad, makanya tamat sudah perkhidmatan straw itu.

Milo sudah kurang berseri.

Title: Ailurophobia


Irrational fear of cat.
It's scary.

Title: Green Eyes

This is how I look like when I feel jealous.

Title: Sick, I'm Sick of You

This is how I look like when I feel sick.

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