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Title: 2011... uh huh

Well, 2011 is just around the corner. So many things need to be done. I remember to promise myself to draw every day. And yeah, starting from 2011... I'm going to put whatever I have in my drawing collection in the DD blog every day. I have to be very strict and discipline to myself in 2011. Pft... as if. Yeah, whatever. Please beat me up if I didn't keep my promise ok? LOL.


mimizuzuhaha said...

rajin! rajin!
comel katun ko

emm-ai-en said...

permintaan melampau;
edisikan lukisan saya ari tu seperti ni boleh? :p

famia said...

mimi: hahaha. kartun ko lagi comel :p

min: hahaaha. upgrade? Ok, insyaAllah. Sudah masuk queue.

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