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Title: Click 365 - Day 1

This is my 2011 personal project, Click 365. It's about a tooth named East who loves photography so much. This is his portfolio of photographing himself every day for 365 days... a collection of portrait photography. InsyaAllah :)


emm-ai-en said...

seperti jack dalam a night before christmas la plak.

famia said...

ooo Tim Burton's ke. haha.
tu scary lagi. Badan masing2 macam ranting kayu.

Anonymous said...

salam east *east ni muslim kan?*
slamat berkenalan East!

*waiting for East at day 365*
insyaAllah :)

famia said...

waalaikumsalam wbt.
Ye. East adalah Muslim :)
selamat berkenalan juga.

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