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Title: J.CO Donuts and Coffee

I had J.Co for the first time for lunch last week. If you were a Donut's lover... I have to recommend you the J.Co donuts. The taste is similar like the Big Apple donuts. Only the J.Co is wayyyy better and softer compared to Big Apple. Whatever it is... both J.Co and Big Apple are the most delicious and softest donuts in the world. I'm lovin it.


emm-ai-en said...

mana tempat Jco Donat nih?

famia said...

ada kat One Utama ngan Sunway Pyramid je. Dari Indonesia. Branch dia tak banyak lagi :)

Hajar said...

eh, Jco ni asal Indonesia ek? baru tau. tapi memang donutnya lebih lembut drp Big Apple. :)

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